REO listings is the big secret in todays Real Estate Market that every Real Estate Agent is looking for and every successful agent is trying NOT telling you. DO NOT worry we have you covered.
Did you know that in todays Real Estate Market Foreclosure Rates is record high? In Foreclosure Rate should double. Foreclosures have increased over 45% within last year and are projected to hit 1,250,000 properties by the end of . Banks are looking for good and reliable Real Estate Agents like you to help them sell their REO listing. Now this is your chance to get started and List Bank Owned properties.
All of these Foreclosure properties would be listed by local Real Estate Agent that bank would hire. Take this opportunity and become a local Real Estate Expert in your area and start making a SIX figure income.
Our System will teach you step by step process on how to get and list REO properties directly from Banks and Asset Management Companies. Our system would also teach you how to generate Extra Stream of revenue by completing BPOs (Brokers Price Opinion) for the Banks and BPO Companies.
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As you know Pre-Foreclosures are increasing day by day.
Home Owners are looking Good and Reliable Real Estate
Agents who can help them sell their home before they
lose their home to the bank.
Now this is your chance to learn how to become a Short
Sale Expert, Help home owners and increase you listing
inventory more.
How do short sales work?
How to work with home owners to list their property for Sale
How to get home owners Qualified for a Short Sale
What banks are looking for when you submit a short sale package
How to submit a Short Sale Package
How BPOs plays a big role in Short Sales
How to Negotiate a Short Sale
Tips & Tricks on how to handle objections from the bank
How to earn commission up to 7% on Short Sale
How to Stop & Extend Foreclosure Date
1. Short Sale Instruction Manual
2. Real Estate Agent Short Sale Package
3. Investors Short Sale Package
4. HUD1 / Net Sheet
5. Authorization to Releases for Mortgage Information
6. Sample Hardship Letters
7. Financial work out statement
8. Asset and Liability workout sheet
9. Letter to EXTEND for Foreclosure / Sheriff Sale
10. Additional Forms, letters & Sample Repair Estimate for Short Sale
SHORT SALES are increasing every day. Home values have dropped more than 40%. Take action now and become a Short Sale Expert in no time.
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I would say this was the best decision I made. Since I got your REO study course my Real Estate career has changed. I do not have to worry about NOT having listings in my portfolio any more. Thanks for creating such a wonderful system.
Michael D, Realtor - Chicago
Buying your REO System really helped me look at Real Estate Business in a new way. I work less hours, make more money. Now Im able to spend more time with my family. Thank you.
Berry W, Realtor- Knoxville
I have been working as Real Estate Agents for past 6 years. I had to work very hard to get listings. There were too many local real estate agents to compete with in my town. When I got your REO system I did not realize that this would be a life changing experience. Since I got your REO and Short Sale system I have listed 32 properties and sold 17 in last 4 month. I love getting calls for Banks. They ask me to list properties for them. I would say I hit a home run.
Robert M, Realtor- Charleston, SC
I always wondered how some of the real estate agents were listings so many properties with bank. I wanted to get in to selling REO properties for the bank but did not know how to get started. Once I saw your REO system I know this was the missing link for me to get started in the right path to success. Since I got your system I was able to generate income within 5 days and now with your help Im able to list properties that are under foreclosure. I cannot thank you enough for your help
Diane C, Realtor - Los Angeles, CA
My name is Nicole. My husband and I work together as a Team. With the Real Estate market slowing down, we were struggling to make money. We started to look for other avenues to make money. It was so easy to understand REO & BPO System that you created. Since we got the system we have been very busy. Presently we are doing about 75+ BPOs a month and we got 11 Reo Listings in our portfolio within 2 months
Nicole & Charles S, Broker Associate Dallas, TX
Im a single mom and cannot work long hours. I have to take care of my kids. Being single it is hard to go out get listing work with buyers and be a full time mom. Since I got your REO System Im now able to spend more time with my kids, work less hours and make a study incoming. Id highly recommend this REO system to everyone.
Elaine R, Realtor - Phoenix, AZ
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Q: Why do I need Real Estate listings?
Ans: To become a successful Real Estate Agent you must have Real Estate Listings in your portfolio. Having listings also brings you more buyers. A successful Real Estate Agent carries 75-200 listings in their portfolio. Listing portfolios of 80 to 200 properties ensure you to have 7-15 closings every month. Now! You do the math, if you had 7-15 closing per month you would be make $15K to $35K month after month.
Q: Why would I Complete BPOs (Brokers Price Opinion) for Bank when I can just do REOs?
Ans: Completing BPOs for various banks builds your skills in pricing REO listings right according to the market. NOT pricing REO properties right in the market will reduce your chances of getting REO listings. Banks also like to see that you have completed BPOs and are ready to list REO properties for them in your Local Real Estate Market.

Second Benefit of completing BPOs is that you would be able to make $150 to $250 per day by just completing 4-6 BPOs a day. Many Real Estate Agents do BPOs so that can make additional $50k to $80K per year in income.

Here is an Example: An average agent can complete 5 BPOs every day. Average exterior BPO pays $40 to $50 per BPO, so $40 x 5 = $200 per day x 7 days = $ 1400.00 per week x 52 weeks = $72,800 per year.
Q: Do Cold Calling & Door knocking works to get listing?
Ans: Yes, cold calling and door knocking does work but it is a very time consuming process and takes productive time out of your daily schedule. BY listing REO properties you would save your time and money. Banks call your to give REO listings and you DO NOT have to sit in the office cold calling for listings.
Q: What is an REO property?
Ans: An REO property is also called Real Estate Owned. Once the property is foreclosed and bank takes title on the property at that time property becomes an REO (Real Estate Owned).
Q: What is a Short Sale?
Ans:Short sale is a process when a bank agrees to settle for less than what they are owed.

Example: A distressed home owner has a mortgage on the house for $400,000 and present home value of the house is $350,000. In order for Home Owner to sell the property and pay of the defaulted loan they would need to do a short sale and request the bank to take less money so they can sell their house.
Q: What do you get when you buy our package?
Ans: Our package provides you with all the necessary tools, study material, List of banks, asset management and BPO companies. This will save you time as we have done all the research and leg work for you. You can focus on getting listings and make you money.
Q: Does our system work?
Ans: Yes, our system works and it provides you step by step process on how to list and sell Reo Properties. See the testimonial section for details.
Q: How do I receive the REO package and study material once I have purchase it?
Ans: Once the purchase is complete you will be able to download instantly your REO study guide ebook with entire system that you will need to become successful REO & BPO Agent. You will receive an email from [Secure Delivery]. If you do not receive the email within minutes of your purchase, check your junk-email folders. Please note that we DO NOT provide any hard copies. This is an digital product.
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